Hello! I'm a security engineer @ Docker.

I graduated with my undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in December 2014, and researched topics in systems security. I've previously worked with Facebook's places team on deduplication pipelines, Square's Security Engineering team on open sourcing Keywhiz and certstrap, the Intel Science and Technology Center for Secure Computing SCRUB lab to develop next-generation malware detection software and techniques, and as a graduate student instructor for CS61C (twice) and CS162 (here are my ratings).

I'm also a proud member and previously served as President of Berkeley's HKN chapter, the EECS Honor society.

In my spare time I like to travel, listen to music, and play tennis.


In addition to being a TA for CS61C (twice), I've also helped as a TA for CS162, and I really enjoy tutoring and holding review sessions for lower division EECS classes.

Here are some samples from my work as a HKN tutoring officer:


The best way to contact me is via email: my first name AT docker DOT com

You can also find me on:

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